Phil Hudgins

November 11 is day to honor veterans like Maudie A. Miller

Pvt. Maudie A. Miller wrote a lot of letters from his part of the war, the First World War. His father, Eli Miller, counted 45 in all, plus one postcard. The card announced only that he had arrived safely overseas.

            “Our regiment is lucky so far,” he wrote in a letter dated Sunday, Oct. 13, 1918. “We have lost but very few men. ...”

Is saying ‘Happy Holidays’ being inclusive or just politically correct?

It's early, but Merry Christmas anyway.

It's really not that early when you consider that Christmas decorations were going up in stores alongside the garish gore and garnishes as Halloween loomed. But temperatures where I live were still in the 80s at that time, and "Merry Christmas" just didn't fit.

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