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When you get ready to take a trip, whether it’s only a mile or two or maybe a few hours, the one thing that you must do is turn on the radio and cruise.

The radio or even several of your favorite cd’s will help the trip go faster while you’re just enjoying the tunes.

If it’s just a solo trip or maybe a trip with a car full, there’s one thing that usually happens within the confines of the car. You or someone else in the car has to sing along with the radio.

On the Write Track

Although I do not get on my high horse often, I decided to do it this week.

While channel surfing the other day, I happened to listen to a few minutes of a Western. What I heard made me realize who wrote it.

I will say that most of the western movies on television back in the black and white days of the small screen were written by men.

They had to be written by men when you watch them. How could someone in a female role actually say the following lines? I know I wouldn’t do it.

On Write Track

When you go to the movies and you have to decide what kind of candy you want to buy, do you ever think about the box?

Probably not, but the manufacturers of what has been called movie candy seemed to have known exactly what they were doing when they packaged their candies.

Have you ever gotten frustrated when you opened your $8 candy, only to see that the box was so far from full that you could put your entire hand in the box before reaching the candy?

On the Write Track

Anyone can have an idea worth millions just by negotiating with some sharks.

Not card sharks, not loan sharks, not land sharks, but business sharks.

If two guys can make over eight million dollars placing a light in a toilet, then surely there’s hope for anyone who has an off the wall idea. This one, however, has to take the cake.

On the Write Track

I am sure everyone has either been on a long trip or even a trip of only a few miles and there’s a need to adjust some of the controls inside of the vehicle.

Some of the controls in question include the heating and air, the radio station selection and even the position of the seats.

My question is, who exactly should be in control of the controls? Who decides what radio station to listen to and who decides how hot or cold it is inside of your vehicle?

Weekly Reads

Teaching the Struggle

The fight for Civil Rights in the United States during the 1960’s was a time of struggle to overcome discrimination, intolerance and inequality.  It was a time of resistance to hatred and violence.  It was also a time of victories (both small and large) and pride.  It was a time that would transform a nation and uphold its promise of hope and freedom. 


We March, by Shane W. Evans

On the Write Track

Before I get into too much depth in this column, I have to say that I did not grow up with a device such as a tablet or smart phone. I actually spent time outside after homework was completed with friends from my neighborhood. We always found things to do until dark, but once it got dark, that meant it was time to go home.

Weekly Reads: Romantic Movies

Little Romance

by Scott D. Strawn

It’s that time again guys and this year you can really come through.  Yes, remember the flowers, the candy and the dinner reservations for Valentine’s Day.   But to show her that you’re more than a one-day-a-year romantic?  Try sharing some time with her before or after that day.  Maybe share a romantic film, maybe one of these classics.

Casablanca, Warner Brothers 1942

On the Write Track

Recently, there was total devastation in our neighboring state of Georgia in several counties. Homes were leveled and many businesses demolished by several tornadoes. Families who survived were wondering what to do next, feeling lost and unsure of how to start over.

Weekly reads: Jail break movie ideas

Getting Away

by Scott D. Strawn


Your life getting you down?  Feel like you’re a prisoner of your daily routine?  Can’t seem to escape?  It really can’t be that bad, can it?  Relax, think about this:   your life can’t possibly be worse than those actually incarcerated, can it?  Need something to compare your life to so that you can feel better about it?  Try one of the following films. Now these guys really need an escape.


Cool Hand Luke, Warner Brothers 1967



Letter To Editor: Hampton/Varnville hypocritical?

Dear Editor,


According to the Hampton County Guardian of Jan. 5, 2017, “Mayor Rhoden and his fellow council members were visibly angered by Jones’ explanation as to why he felt he was denied usage of the runway,” referring to the runway at the local airport. Please explain the anger over a private company using this runway when it appears that the County Council followed the recommendations of the county’s Airport Commission.

On the Write Track

While it will always be important to remain aware of things happening in our country and world, it never hurts to take some time out, catching a cartoon or two.

I recommend taking some time out, maybe instead of focusing on the negative events happening in our nation today, to watch Tom and Jerry. For those who might not have heard of this cartoon, it is based around the silly adventures of a cat and mouse who continuously attempt to chase one another in a hilarious way.

On the Write Track

As a writer, I usually end up writing very long stories and the majority of the time there’s a need for an edit or two.

When writing a story, I always use complete sentences and correct grammar. Sometimes, I elaborate too much but I am sure most editors will agree the long stories help fill space. The longer the story the better so there’s no need to search for something to fill an odd spot on a page.


Where would you rather be on New Year’s Eve than in the South Carolina Lowcountry, formerly St. Peter’s Parish, now known as Lawton Township in Hampton County? Before the American Revolution our forefathers accumulated a plantation for the well-being of their succeeding generations. Our family of four brothers continues to enjoy the blessing of gathering with the memories of those gone before to honor the kindnesses of the God of their fathers.

Weekly Reads

Notable Junior Fiction Books of 2016

by Scott D. Strawn


Hey, Junior isn’t a baby anymore.  He doesn’t need books with lots of pretty pictures.  She needs a book with characters that have dimension, plots that are challenging and language that is moving.  And he’s probably interested in some new classics to go along with the old.  These five titles are all from 2016 and meet all the other criteria.   Suggest one to Junior…or read one yourself!


The Girl Who Drank the Moon, by Kelly Barnhill


On the Write Track

When I was younger and had to go to the grocery store with my mom, I always wanted to find the food that tastes good but of course was never good for you. I didn’t mind the trip, especially when I have the best memories of going to the bakery and finding free treasure. Well, it was a treasure to a seven-year-old anyway.

On the Write Track

Living in the South, there’s one thing for sure. Even in January, you should always have a t-shirt with you to change into once the clock strikes Noon.

You start the day with a sweatshirt and end it with sweat on your face because the temperature developed a second personality and changed from cold to hot in only a few hours.

Everyone thinks snow in January and February, but with the way the weather keeps changing in our state, you might also want to think about a snow cone.


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