The sounds of Spring

Ah spring, it in January and it's official-it is definitely Spring. How do I know it is spring and how do I know it is official? It's not the balmy weather we have been enjoying or the camellias in bloom.

It is simple: my three cats are attracting every Tom, Dick and Harry in the neighborhood. The three little strumpets need chastity belts. Unfortunately I don't think they sell chastity belts for cats.

A few years ago a little black cat came to our house. My tender hearted mother said we should feed it. Next thing you know it is having kittens.

An imperfect Christmas

Well as usual I started out the Holiday Season with great expectations of baking everyone and their brother Christmas cookies and getting all my friends and family members the perfect gift. I also wanted to have the Christmas tree up well in advance before Christmas and the Christmas card and letters sent in enough time to get to my friends and family before Christmas.

KTN for wagging tongues

There is a quote that great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events and small minds discuss people. Unfortunately, there are a lot of small minds.

There is a proverb in the Bible that says the power of life and death is in the tongue and those that love it will eat its fruit.

It is undeniable that words are important. You can either speak words of life or words of death.
I heard a good sermon where the pastor said if it isn’t kind, true or necessary you shouldn’t say it.

A country boy can survive

I politely laugh when I hear people say that there’s nothing for kids to do in Hampton County. Maybe we were too busy having fun to notice, but us country boys never had that problem in the rural part of the county where I grew up for two reasons: 1. Somebody always kept us busy. If we weren’t in school or church, Daddy or Momma or Granny kept us busy with homework and chores and farm work. Believe me, after a hard day digging potatoes for your room and board at Granny’s you were glad to step into that air-conditioned church or sit down in that cozy classroom and get an education.


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