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Sometimes they can get overlooked.

Sometimes they do most of the behind the scenes things that may or may not be recognized.

They are always there, but can be quiet and not really want to be recognized for the things they do, just because they love you. Their one special day came along even after Mother’s Day had already been established but they didn’t seem to mind.

This Sunday, fathers around the country will have their special day. It might just be one day, but fathers do so much for their children each and every day that might not get attention.

Weekly Reads

Reading in the Real World

by Scott D. Strawn


All right!  Enough of the reading about half-clothed superheroes.  Enough reading about aliens from another planet or elves from other realms.  Enough about the love at first glance that can overcome all.  How about some reality folks?  How about reading about some of the real world events taking place?  How about reading world events that helped create the world we live in?  How about some titles like these?


Alone, by Brett Archibald


Weekly Reads

The Most Loyal of Friends

by Scott D. Strawn


They are our friends and our helpers.  They guide us in the dark, keep us going when we’re down, entertain and befriend our youngsters, and know when we’re sad.  All they ask of us is a little care and attention.  Cats, dogs, horses, and other animals are unquestionably part of our society.  And when that society goes to war,   they are there too. 

Faithful Elephants, by Yuko Tsuchiya (translated by Tomoko Tsuchiya Dykes) with illustrations by Ted Lewin


On the Write Track

Traditions are important to pass along from one generation to the next and one tradition I am keeping in my family is the art of making pickles.

These are not your normal bread and butter pickles, but ones you definitely have to either develop a taste for or love them right away.

I loved my grandma’s homemade pickles right away. Maybe it was because they were just the right tint of dark green or maybe the sweetness combined with just a little bit of a tartness. I think it was the sweet side that I enjoyed most.

On the Write Track

I remember it like it was yesterday and I am so glad that little bumble bee visited me for candy on Halloween so many years ago.

She was one of what felt like a thousand children visiting that night, she was dressed in a bumble bee costume as was as cute as could be. I am sure that will make her blush now that she’s exchanging that bumble bee costume for a cap and gown tonight at Patrick Henry Academy.

Weekly Reads

They’re Still Winners

by Scott D. Strawn


A book wins the Newbery Award.  Almost instantly, all the copies of the book sell out, the book goes into another printing and it’s almost certain that the book will be on every school reading lists across the country.  In fact most lists are filled with “winners.”  But wait, there are some titles on the lists that aren’t Newbery winners.  There are those books that fill the lists, ones that almost everyone would assume would have been winners that never received the prize or even an honor.

On the Write Track

Living in the South my entire life, there’s one thing I have grown to enjoy, although not a combination that I would have ever thought would be a delicacy to some.

I have had my share of Coca-Cola’s in my life, and small bags of salted peanuts, but not too many times have I combined the two.

Apparently, that’s what you do if you are a Southerner. You open a small bag of oven roasted peanuts and pour them into the top of your Coke. At first, I was thinking, how could that even taste good, but I will say it’s not all that bad.

On the Write Track

Since the name of my column has the word track within it, I decided to write about racing this week and how it can be similar to life at times.

Watching a NASCAR race the other afternoon, I realized just how much patience and determination drivers have to have to drive in a race.

If you think about it, they are having to make split second decisions during each and every turn.

Doesn’t seem that much different in life.

Weekly Reads: Cooking with Your Favorite Characters

Cooking with Your Favorite Characters

by Scott D. Strawn



You’ve known them all your life (or so it seems).  They’ve been with you through good times and bad.  Okay, so maybe they’re not real, but does that really matter?  You spent time watching them on screen (both small and big).  Wouldn’t it be nice just to be able to sit down with them and share a meal?  Maybe you can with the help of these titles.


Aunt Bee’s Mayberry Cookbook, by Ken Beck and Jim Clark


On the Write Track

There are just some songs that have been on the radio for your entire life and also before your time, songs that you just cannot forget.

I have one song that has followed me around for a long time, it’s called You’ve Got a Friend by James Taylor. The song was actually released before I was born, but I heard it as a child and then a teen, and it has resonated on my radio ever since then from time to time.

On the Write Track

You decide to take a trip to some local outlet stores, or you happen to watch some of the incredible deals floating around on those networks selling almost everything under the sun.

One minute you see that perfect pair of shoes marked down to an ideal price, or maybe there’s a new gadget that promises to save you a backache due to some added extensions on that ceiling fan cleaner.

You’ve got your mind set on those items, ready to either pick them up off the shelf or tap those few buttons on the phone to finalize the sale.

Jay Bender; Where does your tax money go?



Where does your tax money go? In most instances it supports direct government activities such as schools, police, housing, public health and the like.

But in many instances your tax money is transferred to nonprofit corporations that have convinced government leaders that they perform a service worthy of public support. Museums, festivals, parks, and tourism promoters are common nonprofit recipients of public funds.

Paying it forward

The idea of paying for someone’s meal doesn’t typically cross my mind while waiting in a drive through line for what typically seems like eons. A recent experience at a Hilton Head Island event changed my perspective of the practice of paying it forward.

On the Write Track

I have heard of a lot of classes that are being taught in college and elsewhere after high school, but this one is unbelievable.

In certain areas of the country, there are now being classes offered to teach young adults how to properly adult. There’s an actual school in Portland, Maine called the Adulting School. It was founded, according to its website, to help adults connect and learn the adulting skills they need for success.

On the Write Track

When you get ready to take a trip, whether it’s only a mile or two or maybe a few hours, the one thing that you must do is turn on the radio and cruise.

The radio or even several of your favorite cd’s will help the trip go faster while you’re just enjoying the tunes.

If it’s just a solo trip or maybe a trip with a car full, there’s one thing that usually happens within the confines of the car. You or someone else in the car has to sing along with the radio.

On the Write Track

Although I do not get on my high horse often, I decided to do it this week.

While channel surfing the other day, I happened to listen to a few minutes of a Western. What I heard made me realize who wrote it.

I will say that most of the western movies on television back in the black and white days of the small screen were written by men.

They had to be written by men when you watch them. How could someone in a female role actually say the following lines? I know I wouldn’t do it.

On Write Track

When you go to the movies and you have to decide what kind of candy you want to buy, do you ever think about the box?

Probably not, but the manufacturers of what has been called movie candy seemed to have known exactly what they were doing when they packaged their candies.

Have you ever gotten frustrated when you opened your $8 candy, only to see that the box was so far from full that you could put your entire hand in the box before reaching the candy?

On the Write Track

Anyone can have an idea worth millions just by negotiating with some sharks.

Not card sharks, not loan sharks, not land sharks, but business sharks.

If two guys can make over eight million dollars placing a light in a toilet, then surely there’s hope for anyone who has an off the wall idea. This one, however, has to take the cake.

On the Write Track

I am sure everyone has either been on a long trip or even a trip of only a few miles and there’s a need to adjust some of the controls inside of the vehicle.

Some of the controls in question include the heating and air, the radio station selection and even the position of the seats.

My question is, who exactly should be in control of the controls? Who decides what radio station to listen to and who decides how hot or cold it is inside of your vehicle?


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