Detergent is for your clothes, not your mouth

You know I am sure all of those who read this column have heard at least one person in your lifetime say watch your mouth or it will be washed out with soap.

Well, I never actually have seen this happen, but it was a familiar line used by mothers and probably grandmothers around the world at one time in history.

I doubt soap would taste good and apparently it could also harm you. I don’t know anyone personally who grew up and faced this punishment but thank goodness it is not used anymore.

There's "snow way" Southerners can drive in the snow

When someone warns you that the stove is hot, the last thing you want to do is go over to it and touch it, knowing the outcome won’t be good.

You wouldn’t try and pick up a snake when you already know it could bite you.

The last thing you want to do is run down a hallway when there’s a bright yellow sign stating the floors are wet and asks that you proceed with caution.

If there’s a wet paint sign posted on a bench, I doubt you are going to sit on it.

Weekly Reads

Week of Dec. 11, 2017


History of the Jolly Old Elf

by Scott D. Strawn


Okay, you know he wears a red suit, has a slight weight problem, has elves for employees, travels the globe once a year and is ever so jolly.  But who is Santa really?  How did he get to be in charge of North Pole Operations?  And what’s up with his mode of transportation?  Reindeer?  Really?  Maybe some of these titles will shed light on the matter.


Weekly Reads

Dinner at the Movies

by Scott D. Strawn


It’s that time of the year when most of us are planning to have people over for dinner.  Family, friends, food...what could go wrong?  Hopefully nothing.  There’s always a chance, however, that the “perfect” dinner will turn into one that will be remembered for better or worse.  Need some examples?  Check these films out.


Dinner at the Ritz, 1937, 20th Century Fox



Weekly Reads

Horror stories for youth are often considered silly or frivolous, something to be partaken around the campfire while making s’mores.  There are, however, collections of well written horror stories both old and new, stories that offer a bit of a challenge for the reader as well as enjoyment.  These titles are meant for the junior set but Mom and Dad can read them too…if they dare!

Ask the Bones: Scary Stories from Around the World, selected and adapted by Arielle North Olson and Howard Schwartz with illustrations by David Linn

On the Write Track

Before I decided many years ago to make journalism my career choice, I never really wanted a cup of coffee.

Things changed a few years into the career for me. It is as though I figured out just how much coffee can help me get through my days.

I am not sure what everyone considers the best kind of coffee, but to be honest, I’ll take almost anything that says coffee on the container or Keurig coffee cups.

Getting back into a routine has made me realize just how important coffee is to me in the mornings.

Weekly Reads

“Boo” Time!

It’s that time of year when the world gets a little bit scary - skeletons in windows, tombstones on lawns, pictures of monsters everywhere.  For those older pre-school kids there might be a bit of a struggle to understand what’s going on.  Their caregivers might struggle to introduce the kids to Halloween customs without spooking them (pun intended).  Here are some titles that are more giggles than gross, more fun than fear. 

Monster Trucks by Anika Denise with illustrations by Nate Wragg

On the Write Track

I am very honored to be able to write a column each week and I am thankful for my freedom of speech to be able to express my opinions here in print.

While this world needs a tune up when it comes to how each person treats one another and forgives for wrongdoings, I do not believe that sports and politics should intermingle.

I grew up collecting baseball cards and even some football cards and still have them today. I watched college and pro football and racing each week, and enjoyed it. It was my main hobby for many years.

On the Write Track

The Tropics don’t seem to want to slow down lately.

If Matthew was not enough, then it was time for Jose, Maria, and Lee to join the group. Who knows who else will try to join in the rest of hurricane season.

This happens to be one of those groups that you just don’t want to join. Those hurricanes can certainly pack an unwanted punch, just ask all of those islands and Texas, Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.

Both Matthew and Irma showed just how mean and angry they were at the coast and even inland in several states.

Weekly Reads


Well, That’s Stupid!

by Scott D. Strawn


“Stupid is forever.”  “Stupid is as stupid does.”  We’ve all seen, heard or read something that made us shake our heads, sigh and mumble something to the effect that: “Well, that’s stupid.”  Sometimes it’s enough to astonish us and sometimes it just makes us laugh.  Regardless, we know deep down in our hearts that whatever it is, someone, somewhere, at some time will top it.  Don’t believe that? Try reading these titles.

Stupid History, by Leland Gregory




On the Write Track

My eyes see things differently at times than others.

I try to look for the positive in everything, even when there seems to be none.

It was devastating to see the flooding in Houston and all of those who had lost everything due to rising waters. Rising waters are what I see as difficulties in life. They start out as a small puddle and then multiply into a large sea of angry water.

Weekly Reads

Strange Notes

by Scott D. Strawn


“Music is food for the soul,” or so the saying goes.  Music lovers would definitely agree with the sentiment.  Lovers of classic music would tell you that music can be a wondrous feast.  However, sometimes what’s being served can come with a bit of “unique” background.  Sometimes the stories behind the making of musical masterpieces can be a little bit strange.

Who Knew?  Answers to Questions About Classical Music You Never Thought to Ask, by Roberta A. Cutietta.



Apostle Herbert Brown's corner

If you are a Born Again Believing husband and have a wife, then you must know that Christ loves the church unconditionally; and He requires the same of you as a husband to your wife. This can only be accomplished if we submit ourselves to the leadership of Jesus Christ. Otherwise, we will always have an excuse about why this seems to be an impossible thing to do. (Remember; unconditional love is not merited!)

Through Tired Eyes

History is studied by text book. We learn the stories of times long passed through rather plain and uninteresting perspective that has been copied and copied from generation to generation . We learn with each individually irrelevant, yet wholly significant stride. Therefore, we all end up on the same page. However, it is a rare occasion that one might get the chance to ask a literal antique just what the world was like so many decades ago. Ruby Curtis, mother of my mother, is one of those fleeting antiques.

Weekly Reads

There’s Nothing Like a Book!



Books.  There’s nothing like them.  Is there anything better than relaxing in your favorite chair, with your favorite drink or snack, and a good book?  How about relaxing in your favorite chair, with your favorite drink or snack and a good book about good books?  Now that’s the ticket.  Here are some titles to help you with that goal.

The Man Who Loved Books Too Much: The True Story of a Thief, a Detective, and a World of Literary by Allison Hoover Bartlett



Weekly Reads

Happy Birthday!  You have a birthday?  Of course you do.  Everybody does.  It might not be right now but sooner or later, as the year goes by, you’re going to be blowing out the candles on the cake and eyeing those gifts.  You might be a little young to understand the concept so here are some books the big folks can share with you.

How Do Dinosaurs Say Happy Birthday? by Jane Yolen with illustrations by Mark Teague



On the Write Track

It is interesting to see how many different sports have been invented and sanctioned over the past few years.

I had no idea until I saw it on a television show the other day that sport stacking was even a real thing. Yes, there actually is a sport that people compete in that is known as sport stacking.

For those of you who might not have heard about this fast-growing sport, it involves stacking and unstacking cups in a competitive manner to see who can do it in the best time.


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