ReClaim responds to second round of sex abuse charges

The following is a news release from ReClaim Global, a sexual abuse advocacy group. It was sent after more charges were filed against former Estill middle School resource officer and deputy sheriff Larry Heyward.
ReClaim Global, a sexual abuse advocacy group, headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, helped a Hampton County, S.C. family file a "Request for the Arrest and Prosecution" of Larry Heyward, for sexually molesting another child, a 14-year old student, who represents the third possible love nest that Heyward had at Estill Middle School,
ReClaim Global also helped this family file a "Request for the Arrest and Prosecution" of an Estill Middle School official for inappropriate sexual conduct involving the same minor.


Friday, March 1, 2013 - Dr. Kaye Smith, founder of ReClaim Global, assisted another family with their request to file sexual abuse charges against accused child molester Larry Heyward, a resource officer and deputy sheriff, who worked at Estill Middle School. The parent of the victim wrote this new accusation, on a "Request for the Arrest and Prosecution" document that was provided by ReClaim Global. This formal document was delivered to legal officials this past Friday.

Along with this first accusation, ReClaim Global also included another "Request for the Arrest and Prosecution" of an Estill middle school official for inappropriate sexual conduct with the same minor.

These documents will bring the number of actual charges of sexual abuse against Heyward to three, including the one from last Wednesday that resulted in the re-arrest of Heyward. To date, ReClaim Global has identified at least 13 victims, who were either in one of Heyward's love nests at the school, or were students who actually witnessed his physical abuse against his victims.
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ReClaim Global's "Request for the Arrest and Prosecution" for inappropriate sexual conduct may represent the first charge to by filed against an official at Estill Middle School.

ReClaim Global has faxed the complete information both the "Request for the Arrest and Prosecution" documents to Pete Strom, at Strom Law Firm, LLC, in Columbia, South Carolina. Mr. Strom has indicated that his office will be contacting SLED expeditiously to initiate prosecution.

In a conference call with ReClaim Global on this past Friday, Attorney Mario Pacella reassured the parent of this latest victim that even though he understood, "...It can be hard for sexual abuse victims to come forward, it is still the right thing to do."

Smith is hopeful that Mark Keel, the chief of SLED in Columbia, will also get involved with these cases and start looking closely at what has happened at this Hampton County school.

"I certainly believe that gaining the attention of Mr. Keel will prove beneficial in these investigations, especially as more and more victims come forward. In my mind, this county will need all of the help it can get to make sure each of Heyward's victims get the proper attention, investigation, and the justice they deserve. In addition, I would think SLED should investigate how it could be possible for sexual abuse to have happened at Estill Middle School for over two years, supposedly without any one knowing it."

"I want the State Board of Education to get involved, too. In fact, every school in America needs to look at what happened at Estill Middle School. We need to use this example as a model and learn from it; especially to make sure that what happened there does not ever get a chance to happen again."

"I still believe thee victims will rival those of Jerry Sandusky, at Penn State, and my question remains the same: ‘Why wasn't someone watching over these students?"'

This latest victim to file charges is a former Estill Middle School student. This victim also used to attend Miracle Deliverance Center, in Varnville, where Heyward pastored. The sexual abuse took place at the old middle school in the resource office, where Heyward kept this student handcuffed for hours at a time, while he fondled and squeezed the victim's buttocks and genitals. Similar to the other victims ReClaim Global interviewed, this sexual abuse case included constant threats of tasing and the demand for cooperation, or else.

Smith reports that this student became very distraught over the constant victimizing at Estill. Not only did this student suffer under the perverted hands of Heyward, but this victim also claims he fell prey to the open ridicule by the students, the teachers and the administration; all of whom seemed to enjoy chanting Heyward's public insults to this student.

The minor was approximately 14-years old when Heyward's imposed his sexual advances. The family knew their child was in distress and sought help many times, but did not get the cooperation they expected from the school or from the local sheriff's office. In fact, the mother of this victim stated to Smith that Heyward appeared to block her every move. She also discovered that he had numerous clandestine meetings with her child, despite her repeated appeals to him to not meet with her child alone. Apparently, school officials gave Heyward permission to be with this student, in spite of this parent's request.

"What happened here makes me sad and, quite frankly, it makes me very mad," comments Smith. "I am sad for the victim and I am really mad at those who tolerated and participated in this cruel behavior, by repeating Heyward's threats openly and directly to this student.

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I would have expected the adults at least to realize that anytime a grown-up makes fun of a child publicly, it is a very predatory move. Predators love to belittle their targets in front of others. It makes a child more vulnerable to their powers."

ReClaim Global believes that charges will eventually be brought against many other individuals at this school.

In addition to helping the parent and this victim file a report against Heyward, Smith said she was stunned as they both described the inappropriate sexual conduct of an official at Estill Middle School. Therefore, ReClaim Global has also helped this family file a "Request for the Arrest and Prosecution" of a school official.

According to Smith, this particular school official stepped way over the line by demonstrating some very provocative behavior, including pairing students together in an attempt to create sexual arousal.

"To say that I'm shocked by what I've heard is putting it mildly," stated Dr. Smith. "This school official has a very twisted mind to have done what was I was told. Fortunately, for this victim, this official's behavior was witnessed by others."

The Love Nest Monster is a Horrible Man.

ReClaim Global hopes that more of Heyward's victims will come forward soon, because others have already identified many of them, who were with them in one of Heyward's love nests. It's too late for them to feign "nothing really happened," when other victims are sharing the details of their participation.

ReClaim Global made inference at their press conference last week that Heyward may have been secretly filming these students who were part of his sexual trysts. "I would think the last thing a parent would want is for someone to knock on their door with video evidence of what happened to their child. It is time to help these children find a safe place to talk about everything that this love nest monster did to them. It will prove to be the first step in their healing. We want to help the entire family. We believe deeply that they deserve justice and recompense."

Last year, ReClaim Global filed 30 "Request for Arrest and Prosecution," that have already resulted in numerous arrests and even sentencing. A couple of these abuse cases occurred 25 and even 50 years ago, some of these sexual perpetrators have yet to be located, before they can be charged. But, Smith says, "We won't give up. We believe it's never too late to press charges or reveal sexual abuse and the perpetrator." ReClaim Global recommends that victims of sexual abuse do not accept plea bargains.

The ReClaim Global website describes a projected psychological profile of Heyward, and if it is true, it is highly probable that his victims will go far enough back that some cases might run into statute laws. Nevertheless, Smith encourages all victims to speak up, and tell on their perpetrator, because all victims deserve to heal, and others might come forward.

One perpetrator in Jacksonville was investigated 30 years after he abused a high school student, but was protected by statute of limitations. His victim is one of the 300 ReClaimers who Dr. Kaye personally helped heal from sexual abuse.

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Although this ReClaimer's case exceeded the statute of limitations, her detective still confronted this 84-year-old former ROTC coach by showing him her schoolbook picture. This man admitted he remembered this student and while he was looking at her picture he began urinating all over himself.

"That's a win for us," states Smith. "We don't want any child molester to die thinking s/he got away with it."

ReClaim Global is constantly getting emails from many Hampton County residents, thanking us for bringing light and justice into this situation. At the Press Conference on February 25th, Dr. Smith made an appeal to the leaders of this community that their families are crying out for help.

Smith still believes that there are many good people in Hampton County, including at the Sheriff's office and certainly at this school. ReClaim Global is making this shout out to them, "We are your friends. We are on your side. Help us help the children."

"I refuse to lose this battle of doing what is right because some of the adults don't want to report what has happened at Estill Middle School. Soon, I will be contacting specific individuals and reminding them that they are mandated reporters," concludes Smith.