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Detergent is for your clothes, not your mouth

You know I am sure all of those who read this column have heard at least one person in your lifetime say watch your mouth or it will be washed out with soap.

Well, I never actually have seen this happen, but it was a familiar line used by mothers and probably grandmothers around the world at one time in history.

I doubt soap would taste good and apparently it could also harm you. I don’t know anyone personally who grew up and faced this punishment but thank goodness it is not used anymore.

There's "snow way" Southerners can drive in the snow

When someone warns you that the stove is hot, the last thing you want to do is go over to it and touch it, knowing the outcome won’t be good.

You wouldn’t try and pick up a snake when you already know it could bite you.

The last thing you want to do is run down a hallway when there’s a bright yellow sign stating the floors are wet and asks that you proceed with caution.

If there’s a wet paint sign posted on a bench, I doubt you are going to sit on it.

Yemassee, surrounding areas celebrate National Night Out

A large group of police officers from various agencies gathered at the Yemassee Town Hall last Tuesday night, answering a different kind of call.

The agencies, along with groups from around the area who wanted to reach out to the community to share their information, participated in National Night Out. Families attended the event and enjoyed free food and information about public safety from various organizations.

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Imagine you are traveling down Highway 68, minding your own business, when someone decides they want your lane and comes barreling towards you.

Well, unfortunately that happens more often than people realize.

Sometimes, that particular car has at least a little time to duck back into the lane, but then other times they don’t.

Head-on collisions are happening in this area and around the county and surrounding counties and there’s really no reason at all for them.

South Carolina Forestry personnel receive appreciation recognition

Those who put their lives on the line to extinguish forest fires and make sure they protect life and property within Hampton and the surrounding counties were recognized recently for their efforts.

The South Carolina Forestry Commission held an employee appreciation luncheon for employees within the Edisto Unit on May 24 at the Niederhof Seed Orchard in Tillman. Some of this unit includes Hampton, Jasper, Allendale and Beaufort counties. Other units from around the entire state are also participating in their areas with other similar events in recognition of their service.

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There are just some songs that have been on the radio for your entire life and also before your time, songs that you just cannot forget.

I have one song that has followed me around for a long time, it’s called You’ve Got a Friend by James Taylor. The song was actually released before I was born, but I heard it as a child and then a teen, and it has resonated on my radio ever since then from time to time.

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You decide to take a trip to some local outlet stores, or you happen to watch some of the incredible deals floating around on those networks selling almost everything under the sun.

One minute you see that perfect pair of shoes marked down to an ideal price, or maybe there’s a new gadget that promises to save you a backache due to some added extensions on that ceiling fan cleaner.

You’ve got your mind set on those items, ready to either pick them up off the shelf or tap those few buttons on the phone to finalize the sale.

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I have heard of a lot of classes that are being taught in college and elsewhere after high school, but this one is unbelievable.

In certain areas of the country, there are now being classes offered to teach young adults how to properly adult. There’s an actual school in Portland, Maine called the Adulting School. It was founded, according to its website, to help adults connect and learn the adulting skills they need for success.

Local authors gather under the live oaks for first-ever event

Hedy Frazier and her family along with many others enjoyed meeting one of Hampton County’s own authors as well as many other local authors who assembled under the live oaks last Saturday morning at Frampton Plantation in Yemassee. The authors gathered as a part of the inaugural Authors Under the Live Oaks event, founded by Beaufort authors Jack Gannon and Cyndi Williams-Barnier.

“We saw the sign last week advertising the event and went online and read about it and decided to come out to visit with the local authors,” Frazier said.

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When you get ready to take a trip, whether it’s only a mile or two or maybe a few hours, the one thing that you must do is turn on the radio and cruise.

The radio or even several of your favorite cd’s will help the trip go faster while you’re just enjoying the tunes.

If it’s just a solo trip or maybe a trip with a car full, there’s one thing that usually happens within the confines of the car. You or someone else in the car has to sing along with the radio.

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Although I do not get on my high horse often, I decided to do it this week.

While channel surfing the other day, I happened to listen to a few minutes of a Western. What I heard made me realize who wrote it.

I will say that most of the western movies on television back in the black and white days of the small screen were written by men.

They had to be written by men when you watch them. How could someone in a female role actually say the following lines? I know I wouldn’t do it.

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When you go to the movies and you have to decide what kind of candy you want to buy, do you ever think about the box?

Probably not, but the manufacturers of what has been called movie candy seemed to have known exactly what they were doing when they packaged their candies.

Have you ever gotten frustrated when you opened your $8 candy, only to see that the box was so far from full that you could put your entire hand in the box before reaching the candy?

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Anyone can have an idea worth millions just by negotiating with some sharks.

Not card sharks, not loan sharks, not land sharks, but business sharks.

If two guys can make over eight million dollars placing a light in a toilet, then surely there’s hope for anyone who has an off the wall idea. This one, however, has to take the cake.

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I am sure everyone has either been on a long trip or even a trip of only a few miles and there’s a need to adjust some of the controls inside of the vehicle.

Some of the controls in question include the heating and air, the radio station selection and even the position of the seats.

My question is, who exactly should be in control of the controls? Who decides what radio station to listen to and who decides how hot or cold it is inside of your vehicle?

Lawton an advocate for educating community about intellectual disabilities

When she is not working with the Jasper County Board of Disabilities and Special Needs, you can most likely find Deitre Lawton spending time with family and educating the community about intellectual disabilities.

Lawton, of Varnville, is the daughter of Maggie E. Black Lawton and Thomas Lawton. She has one son, Ian Alexavier Lawton, who was diagnosed with Down Syndrome at birth. He is now 12 years old.

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Before I get into too much depth in this column, I have to say that I did not grow up with a device such as a tablet or smart phone. I actually spent time outside after homework was completed with friends from my neighborhood. We always found things to do until dark, but once it got dark, that meant it was time to go home.

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Recently, there was total devastation in our neighboring state of Georgia in several counties. Homes were leveled and many businesses demolished by several tornadoes. Families who survived were wondering what to do next, feeling lost and unsure of how to start over.

Ulmer takes ultimate history trip

Garrett Ulmer recently returned from an ultimate history trip, one he will remember for the rest of his life.

“It was exciting to be there in that moment in history,” Ulmer recalled of his trip to the inauguration of Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States.

Ulmer is the son of Wesley and Karissa Ulmer of Lodge. He is a freshman at Bamberg-Ehrhardt High School. His mother, Karissa, is Clemson Extension Regional Lead Agent for Hampton, Allendale, Colleton, Bamberg, Barnwell, Jasper and Beaufort counties.  

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When I was younger and had to go to the grocery store with my mom, I always wanted to find the food that tastes good but of course was never good for you. I didn’t mind the trip, especially when I have the best memories of going to the bakery and finding free treasure. Well, it was a treasure to a seven-year-old anyway.


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