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Before I decided many years ago to make journalism my career choice, I never really wanted a cup of coffee.

Things changed a few years into the career for me. It is as though I figured out just how much coffee can help me get through my days.

I am not sure what everyone considers the best kind of coffee, but to be honest, I’ll take almost anything that says coffee on the container or Keurig coffee cups.

Getting back into a routine has made me realize just how important coffee is to me in the mornings.

On the Write Track

I am very honored to be able to write a column each week and I am thankful for my freedom of speech to be able to express my opinions here in print.

While this world needs a tune up when it comes to how each person treats one another and forgives for wrongdoings, I do not believe that sports and politics should intermingle.

I grew up collecting baseball cards and even some football cards and still have them today. I watched college and pro football and racing each week, and enjoyed it. It was my main hobby for many years.

On the Write Track

The Tropics don’t seem to want to slow down lately.

If Matthew was not enough, then it was time for Jose, Maria, and Lee to join the group. Who knows who else will try to join in the rest of hurricane season.

This happens to be one of those groups that you just don’t want to join. Those hurricanes can certainly pack an unwanted punch, just ask all of those islands and Texas, Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.

Both Matthew and Irma showed just how mean and angry they were at the coast and even inland in several states.

On the Write Track

My eyes see things differently at times than others.

I try to look for the positive in everything, even when there seems to be none.

It was devastating to see the flooding in Houston and all of those who had lost everything due to rising waters. Rising waters are what I see as difficulties in life. They start out as a small puddle and then multiply into a large sea of angry water.

Let’s see Hampton County Rocks continue to travel

What some may see as an object that has no value, it has become one that is priceless to many.

  You can find them out in parking lots or around a lake or many other places. They don’t get much attention due to their ability to just blend in to their environment.

  A simple object that most had simply overlooked until recently.

  Many people around the county, state and nation have decided they wanted to join in and paint, hide and hunt those little greyish or brown objects. They find ones that are new and turn them into their own individual works of art.

On the Write Track

I was amazed to see just how much people enjoyed watching the total solar eclipse this week.

What amazed me more than anything was that no matter your age, color of your skin, religious background or other affiliation, the nation came together for one goal.

The goal was a simple one.

Everyone wanted to get a glimpse of the moon as it traveled across the sun. They all wanted to see the corona, and for once, look at a diamond ring that was not materialistic at all.

On the Write Track

It is interesting to see how many different sports have been invented and sanctioned over the past few years.

I had no idea until I saw it on a television show the other day that sport stacking was even a real thing. Yes, there actually is a sport that people compete in that is known as sport stacking.

For those of you who might not have heard about this fast-growing sport, it involves stacking and unstacking cups in a competitive manner to see who can do it in the best time.

On the Write Track

Is it me or is this year’s summer heat on a completely different level than it has been in the past?

It sure seems to be more extreme this year, but then again, I do live in the south so that’s to be expected.

I almost had to speak out and defend where I lived the other day when I overheard a young lady saying she couldn’t live here. Here, meaning the south, due to the heat.

While I did not actually speak to her, I heard her say that about three times. I was enjoying some ice cream at the time and was laughing to myself.

On the Write Track

Well, if there’s one thing I know it’s that the majority of the people in Hampton County and even a few other areas sure do love their mayonnaise.

Why mayonnaise, you ask? Well, it’s the one specific kind they all claim must be paired with some freshly grown garden tomatoes in the summer between two slices of bread.

On the Write Track

A few weeks ago, I wrote a feature story about the new activity that has a lot of folks in Hampton County just jumping at the chance to find a frog. They are even hunting for a falcon and even a fox.

It’s a new activity called Hampton County Rocks! and it has really taken off in the county as the thing to do for kids and their families. The event was established by Kandi Hewlett as a way to get a new event started that has already been established in other surrounding counties and around the state and nation.

Empty Pockets Project features local talent on the road to success

Norman Vincent Peale once said empty pockets never held anyone back. Only empty heads and empty hearts can do that.

One local band, known as the Empty Pockets Project, takes this advice to heart as they continue to pursue their musical dreams with heart and determination.

“We’re just starving artists as they say,” Christopher Mark Harriott, bassist, singer, songwriter, manager and producer for the Empty Pockets Project said. “After bills, there isn’t a lot of funding left to pursue this, so we just put in all that we’ve got and hope for the best.”

Hampton Rocks

Kandi Hewlett wants everyone to leave no stone unturned when searching for uniquely decorated rocks.

Hewlett recently started a Facebook page for Hampton County residents and others called Hampton County Rocks! She came across the idea while on a run with her friend, Kelli Boniecki.

On the Write Track

Sometimes they can get overlooked.

Sometimes they do most of the behind the scenes things that may or may not be recognized.

They are always there, but can be quiet and not really want to be recognized for the things they do, just because they love you. Their one special day came along even after Mother’s Day had already been established but they didn’t seem to mind.

This Sunday, fathers around the country will have their special day. It might just be one day, but fathers do so much for their children each and every day that might not get attention.

On the Write Track

I remember it like it was yesterday and I am so glad that little bumble bee visited me for candy on Halloween so many years ago.

She was one of what felt like a thousand children visiting that night, she was dressed in a bumble bee costume as was as cute as could be. I am sure that will make her blush now that she’s exchanging that bumble bee costume for a cap and gown tonight at Patrick Henry Academy.

On the Write Track

Living in the South my entire life, there’s one thing I have grown to enjoy, although not a combination that I would have ever thought would be a delicacy to some.

I have had my share of Coca-Cola’s in my life, and small bags of salted peanuts, but not too many times have I combined the two.

Apparently, that’s what you do if you are a Southerner. You open a small bag of oven roasted peanuts and pour them into the top of your Coke. At first, I was thinking, how could that even taste good, but I will say it’s not all that bad.

On the Write Track

Since the name of my column has the word track within it, I decided to write about racing this week and how it can be similar to life at times.

Watching a NASCAR race the other afternoon, I realized just how much patience and determination drivers have to have to drive in a race.

If you think about it, they are having to make split second decisions during each and every turn.

Doesn’t seem that much different in life.

On the Write Track

While it will always be important to remain aware of things happening in our country and world, it never hurts to take some time out, catching a cartoon or two.

I recommend taking some time out, maybe instead of focusing on the negative events happening in our nation today, to watch Tom and Jerry. For those who might not have heard of this cartoon, it is based around the silly adventures of a cat and mouse who continuously attempt to chase one another in a hilarious way.

On the Write Track

As a writer, I usually end up writing very long stories and the majority of the time there’s a need for an edit or two.

When writing a story, I always use complete sentences and correct grammar. Sometimes, I elaborate too much but I am sure most editors will agree the long stories help fill space. The longer the story the better so there’s no need to search for something to fill an odd spot on a page.

Rasheed tackles Broken Skull Challenge with determination

The look of determination could be seen in her eyes along with a competitive fire unmatched by her fellow competitors.

Ayeisha Rasheed was ready to tackle Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge, a reality television competition show. She was selected to compete on the most recent episode of the show.

“I was thinking I was gonna win,” Rasheed said. I had to hype myself up. I ran that script inside of my head the entire day.”


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