Mike McCoy

PHA prevails over Andrew Jackson Oct. 27

Patrick Henry traveled to region rival, Andrew Jackson, on Oct 27. The Patriots lost to the Confederates of AJA by a score of 38-34.

"We knew we were going up the road to play a tough opponent, as well as a region rival. I felt like going into the game we were ready, and at the same time I knew the caliber of team our opponent was," stated PHA Head Coach Mike McCoy.

PHA vs. Calhoun Oct. 20

Patrick Henry traveled to Calhoun Academy on Friday, Oct 20, and left victorious by a score of 32-22, but PHA’s opponents put up a heck of a fight. 

“Calhoun is a good football team with an explosive big play runner who was very hard to contain,” PHA Head Coach Mike McCoy said. “We rose up to the challenge and did what we had to do to come out ahead of them. Our team made some strides to play with this bunch.”

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