• Sandy Smith, the mother of 19-year-old Stephen Smith who was killed as he walked home on Sandy Run Road in July of this year, speaks out about her son's violent death.

    She explains, in the shocking article, what she thinks really happened to her son on that dark, lonely South Carolina back road on a muggy July night.

    You do not want to miss this article in the Thanksgiving edition of your Hampton County Guardian.


The recipients of the 2016 James E. Clyburn Political Fellowship was announced on Nov. 16th by the South Carolina Democratic Party. Among the recipients from around South Carolina is our own John Polk from Hampton. John is the son of Edith Smith and Jackie Polk. The goal of the Clyburn Fellowship is to develop the next generation of leadership and talent in the South Carolina Democratic Party. Our inaugural class of forty fellows includes veterans, teachers, lawyers, elected officials, and members of the health care and business communities.