• Estill Police Officer Quincy Smith, who was reported shot while on duty by Malcolm Antwann Orr on New Year’s Day, 2016, was shocked when the television cameras were turned on him again on Nov. 6 at the department’s headquarters during what Smith believed was a community outreach event.


Despite a weak turnout by Wade Hampton High School football fans, the team still prevailed over their powerhouse opponent from Manning by a final score of 23-18 during the team’s first round playoff matchup Friday night.

The Red Devils began the game by receiving the ball and a Manning penalty two downs later gave the Devils a great opening opportunity to control the momentum of the game early on. A Devil fumble several plays later offered Manning an opportunity to steal that momentum right back, but it was a missed opportunity for Manning.


October 7, 2017 will stand out in the minds of several youth for a long time.  It is the day that a few 4-H members were recognized for their hard work raising flocks of chickens.  Youth were recognized for best Pullet Flock, Showmanship, Record Book completion, and participated in an interview as part of the Orangeburg Fair. 

Connor Murdaugh of Hampton County won first place for his pullets, followed by Alayna and Lawson Weilnau of Beaufort County in second place.  Byron Johnstone, also from Hampton County, took home the third place ribbon for his flock.