• For 32 years, I have taught students music and about Life.  “Be the best you can be” and “You never fail until you stop trying.”   “If you want to be successful, do one thing at a time and do it right.”  “There’s no use in settling for second best.”


Although the Patriots made a strong comeback drive late in the first half of a September 1 home matchup against Beaufort Academy, their effort was too little, too late as the Pats fell to the Eagles by a final score of 28-22.


Fading red Coca-Cola graphics emblazoned upon a slowly deteriorating white barn, country stores advertising local artesian wares with brightly colored hand-painted signs, grand estates with beautiful iron gates and children happily playing a pickup games of football in sleepy little towns are a few of the rewards provided to travelers along highways and byways on the way to North Carolina from Hampton County.